Depression is a serious condition that affects the changes in the brain chemistry. Unfortunately, with the stress in lives and relationships, it is growing to be a common mental condition in today’s world.

Who gets Depression?
The World Health Organization characterizes depression as one of the most disabling disorders in the world, affecting roughly one in five women and one in ten men at some point in their lifetime.

What are the causes?
Depression does not have any particular cause. It can affect any person at any point of time. Reasons may vary from person- for some it may be a shock due to an accident, loss of loved ones, strained relationships, stress at workplace, unhealthy competitions etc.

Loss of Appetite resulting in weight loss.
Difficulty in concentrating and a feeling of guilt.
Suicidal Thoughts.
Symptoms mentioned here are the most common ones observed in individuals with Depression. However, symptoms may vary from person to person.

Do you relate with these symptoms in you? If so, we are here to help you!

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