Bedwetting is most often a developmental issue in children and a large majority of children who bed wet do not have any underlying disease or reason, neither do they do it on purpose.
There are 2 types of Bedwetting – Primary and Secondary.
Primary means bedwetting that has been ongoing since early childhood without a break.
Secondary bedwetting is bedwetting that starts up after the child has been dry at night for a significant period of time, at least 6 months.

Causes of Primary
Child is unable to hold urine for the entire night.
Child produces a large amount of urine during evening and night hours.
Child has poor daytime toilet habits. Many children habitually ignore their urge to urinate amidst their activities.

Causes of Secondary
Urinary tract infection.
An abnormality in the organs, muscles or nerves involved in urination.
Emotional problems such as a stressful home environment, starting of schooling, arrival of new sibling, moving to a new home etc. Children who face physical or sexual abuse also begin to bedwet.

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