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Homeomantra is a one stop for all your health related queries and we help you with proper guidance through homeopathic treatment at your own time and convenience ! You can avail treatment through Online Consultation. Just follow these simple steps and get the required cure within your houses.

1. Fill in all the details asked in the Patient form below.
2. Once we receive your details, we will go through your queries mentioned in the patient form and revert to your email address provided with a questionnaire for further analysis of the patient’s specific health issue. Along with this mail, we will also send the details about the fees and charges of medicines. Please note that we will take 24-48 hours to reply.
3. Once we receive your completed questionnaire,we will analyze the case and make a schedule of your treatment after the receipt of payment.
4. For patients residing in India, medicines and the directions for intake will be sent through courier.
5. For patients residing abroad, a detailed prescription including a list of medicines and the directions for intake will be sent through an e-mail. However, if medicines are required from us, we request the patients to make necessary arrangements to collect the medicines from the center.
Additionally, we will give you health management tips (where required) that must be followed along with medication.

How to Pay?

Details of the payment will be sent your mail along with the questionnaire.

Points to Note

1. Please fill in all the details mentioned in the Patient Form carefully, as the questionnaire is prepared purely on the basis of these details.
2. The questionnaire contains all the questions we need to know for the correct diagnosis of your health issue and for prescribing the correct Homeopathic treatment.
3. Once you receive the questionnaire from us, read them well and kindly answer them accurately and send us back at the earliest. The diagnosis and prescription of remedies are made on the basis of your responses.

How satisfied are you with the treatment? Let us know by sending your feedback and reviews along with the mail you receive from us.


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