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Homeomantra was started by Dr Preetha Nair on the basis of holistic wellness. Homeomantra has two divisions, one which concentrates on treatment of specific problems using Homeopathic medicines and the other has wellness programs which would help the individuals to learn about healthy living.

Wellness@homeomantra has group of professionals, experts in the field of nutrition, physical therapy, homeopathy who have the same dream of giving the best to their clients.  There are various wellness programs which are customized as per each individual.

The various benefits we target by these programs are

  • Awareness of Lifestyle disorders
  • Eating right to maintain good health
  • Enjoying specific physical exercises
  • Postpone genetically predisposed disorders
  • Accepting lifestyle changes for a healthier life

Qualification & Experience

Dr.Preetha Nair is a Consultant Homoeopath and physician with an experience of 20 yrs. She completed her graduation (BHMS) from Nehru Government Homeopathic Medical College, New Delhi in 1989. Initially she worked under Dr.V.K.Gupta, an eminent homeopath in Delhi, after which she went on to work in the Delhi Municipal Dispensary for a year. In 1995, she began her private practice.

She has a wide experience of tackling problems related to hormonal imbalances, female disorders and lifestyle borne diseases. She has also dealt with many psychosomatic disorders which have improved substantially with homeopathic medicines. As a true homeopath, she treats every patient holistically. She first studies the illness of the patient through an investigative questionnaire and then concludes on the diagnosis. Apart from providing treatment through medicines, she gives remedies for the patients themselves to practice alongside medication. She believes that just medicines alone don’t provide complete relief to the patient, and hence the lifestyle management tips she provides stresses on the patient’s natural self-healing power. The remedies are considered to be active holistic stimuli to her treatment which include exercises, yoga and meditation, changes in daily diet, psychological work and making changes in life’s choices.