Common Summer diseases you need to watch out for!

Summer has already set in, and the scorching heat of the sun is all set too to gift us with a variety of diseases! While the doctors, the health advisories and the government have issued warnings to avoid spending too much time out during the sunny day, it may not be possible for us to completely stay indoors. So, listed here are common summer diseases, and their precautions.
Heat Stroke:
Heat Stroke can be fatal disease if not treated at the right time. A prolonged exposure to high temperature that leads to dehydration of the human body hampers the body’s temperature control system. This may occur at any age but is most common in babies and elderly people. It can occur due to prolonged exposure to high atmospheric temperature or a brief exposure to very high atmospheric temperature (direct exposure to sun is not necessary) or due to heavy manual work in high temperature, high humidity. This also causes damage to the brain and other internal organs. Pre-existing chronic diseases and alcoholism are some of the predisposing factors.
High body temperature, rapid pulse rate, headache, fatigue and difficulty in breathing are the common symptoms of a heat stroke. While it is advisable to stay indoors during 12pm-4pm, where the day’s temperature is the highest, but if you have to go out during this time, wear clothes that cover your body, especially your face and head.
Here are few homeopathic medicines : Belladonna , Glonoine , Natrum Carb

Food Poisoning :b2
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Excessive heat, gives way to growth of harmful microorganisms in the food. Consuming such food, cases food poisoning. Common symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea. Thus, food must be properly cooked to ensure it doesn’t get spoilt, and the leftover food should be refrigerated.
Here are few homeopathic medicines : Arsenic Album, Natrum Phos, lycopodium, Ipecauc , Pulsatilla, Antim Crud , Carbo Veg, Colchicum, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla, Phosphoric Acid, Podophyllum, Aloes.

Prickly Heat :
summer blog 2b3The red rashes that occur on the surface of the skin, usually on the neck and back is referred as prickly heat. These itchy rashes are caused due to clogging of the sweat glands due to excessive humidity and heat. Applying cornstarch or prickly heat powders on areas that are likely to sweat more than the rest of the body can be a relief!
Here are few homeopathic medicines : Rhus Tox, Anacardium , Calendula

Sunburn :
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The harmful Ultraviolet radiation given out by the sun burns the living tissues of our skin. This causes sunburn. Sunburns can prove to be dangerous as it can give way to skin cancer, over a long period of time. Hence, before you go out during the day in b4peak summers, apply a good sunscreen on parts of the body that are likely to be exposed to the sun. Make sure you apply the same 20 minutes prior to you head out in the sun, as the sunscreen doesn’t start its affect on your skin immediately after the application.
Since the summer includes a lot of time in the sun, many conditions can result from overexposure. When you have Sunburn the common type with reddening of the skin accompanied by a dry, feverish, restlessness with a desire for lemonade. For easing the pain, there are many simple home solutions: aloe vera applied directly from the leaves of the plant or bottled as 99% gel will soothe and often prevent peeling or soak in a tepid bath (not cold). Yogurt applied directly to the skin can also be soothing
Here are few homeopathic medicines: Aconite, Belladonna
Drinking water and healthy fruit juices can also save you from the diseases the summer ! Make your summer, a happy summer, by following simple precautions mentioned above!

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