Are you drinking sufficient water? Here is how your body tells you if water is insufficient!

Water is called the wonder liquid for many reasons.  As the peak summer is soon approaching in India, and as lakes and other water bodies dries up, similarly even your body may show signs of dehydration, if you drink insufficient water.


Here are the warning signs that your body will show, if it desperately needs more hydration, and these are something you should really observe:

  1. You have just eaten a while ago, and yet you start feeling hungry in frequent intervals.Very often, the brain gets confused with the signals it receives about different senses. So, the brain might just mix up your sense of hunger and thirst. If you’re actually hungry even though if you have just eaten, chances are that your body is asking for water!
  1. You tend to feel tired and weak very often. Water is like the fuel your body needs to function effectively. So, when the body gets insufficient water, it slows down it’s functioning to conserve energy, making you feel tired, weak and very often sleepy too!
  2. Your skin gets dry, even when the weather outside is normal. If it’s not peak winter, and your skin and lips get dry and chapped, then it’s your body asking you for more water. Drinking plenty of water ensure your skin is smooth and fresh throughout!
  3. There are no reasons to your headaches. Migraine, Sinusitis, Common cold etc are all tested normal, and your headache still persists, then it’s a warning of dehydration. When you have sudden headaches, without a reason, then just drink lots of water, eat something and wait! Your headache might just vanish.
  4. You are unable to focus or concentrate. You would be amazed to know that around 70% of your brain is made up of water. So when the brain gets an insufficient supply of water, it gets dehydrated, and thus you face trouble in focusing on your work!
  5. You feel giddy, out of nowhere. Giddiness is caused by many factors like insufficient nutrients intake, medical disorders, insomnia etc, but if not all these, then dehydration could also be a cause!
  6. You have stomach and bowel movement related disorders. Digestion is a process, which requires sufficient quantity of water, to break the complex food particles that we eat into energy resources which are then supplied to different parts of the body.Acidity, Constipation, Indigestion and other similar disorders can be indications that your body is not getting the water it requires!
  7. Your mouth gets dry. To produce saliva, the body requires water. If you aren’t diagnosed with any other disorder, and still your mouth dries up often, then that’s a symptom of dehydration. Keep a bottle of water next to you, and sip it frequently.
  8. Hurting Joints and Muscles. If you don’t have any arthritis or any other reason as to why your muscles and joints hurt, while you perform your daily activities, your body is asking for water! Water is the lubricant that enables smooth movement of muscles and joints, so ensure you drink lots of water.

water 2

When your phone or laptop battery is draining, it gives you frequent reminders, prompting you to plug in the charger. Similarly, your body sends such reminders to you, warning you of dehydration! Observe your body carefully, even if you have a busy life, and don’t deny it the fuel it requires for effective functioning!

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